In English

The Student Health Centre is a complement to the public health care system for students at the University of Gothenburg or Chalmers. Our main task is the treatment of health problems caused by the study situation. You can come to us for easier mental disorders. We only have shorter treatment intervention, most five occasions in total.

The Student Health Centre provides:
• Individual counselling/therapy
• General practitioner
• Psychiatrist
• Physiotherapist

Appointments  are  free of charge. However, if you miss an appointment, or cancel the appointment with less than 24 hours notice, we will charge you 200 SEK for missing appointment with doctor and 100 SEK for other professions.

For 24/7 Health care advice – Call 1177

When you phone us, you will either be given time for an appointment or you will get advice on where to go for treatment. Often you should turn directly to your community health care center (Vårdcentral).

Foreign students who are not entitled to public health care in Sweden can have certain medical and psychological  care at the Student Health Centre. This concerns students from countries outside the European Union and students with a residence permit for less than one year.

Contact us during our phone hours for more information 031 -10 69 70
Monday and Wednesdays 1-3 p.m
Tuesdays and Thursdays 8-11 a.m

Psychological help and support in English

Here at Akademihälsan we have a British clinical psychologist who is available to students to discuss (in English ) any problem that may be making study or student life difficult. There are many problems that can affect study and it can be very helpful to discuss these with a psychologist.
Problems might include:
Exam anxiety – becoming so stressed during exams that it affects your performance.

General stress – everything feels too much to cope with on your own.

Sleeping – you are having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or staying awake during the day.

Study skills – difficulty concentrating, completing assignments on time or planning your schedule.

Procrastination – difficulty starting or completing assignments or difficulty staying focused on academic work.

Adjusting to life in Sweden – you find being in a new and different culture hard to cope with.
How it works:Usually you will be asked some questions on the phone first to check what kind of help we can offer you. We take all questions seriously and understand it is important not to have to wait too long for help.
Often people only need one or two appointments to discuss their concerns as it is quite common for people who get help to find that their problems get better quite quickly.  It can be very helpful just to discuss your concerns with another person. For more serious problems, we can help with reference to other care.

Appointments usually last for 50 minutes. It’s OK if you don’t know what to say. Your psychologist will help by asking lots of questions and you will be able to discuss the things that are bothering you.
All appointments take place in private and no one else will know that you have been here. All appointments are totally confidential.